Welcome to Paniolo Hale C3

My name is Ryan. My wife, Ginnie and I visited Molokai for the first time in October 2019. Actually, it was our first trip to Hawaii. What drew us to Molokai was the absence of commercialism. The year before, we’d taken our two daughters to Disney World, so for our couple’s vacation, we wanted the extreme polar opposite of that. 

 Many people ask how we decided to visit Molokai as our first Hawaiian island, and it’s a funny story. Ginnie loves to garden, and had received some seeds at a local seed swap.  The label said “Molokai”. Not knowing anything

about the plant, Ginnie began researching it. Instead of finding information about the plant, which incidentally is spelled Molokhia, she began reading about this amazingly uncrowded Hawaiian island, full of natural beauty.

After a brief discussion, we decided Molokai was our couple’s destination for 2019. I booked our flights and began looking for a place to stay, which lead me to Paniolo Hale. 

Over the course of a week, we fell in love with the island and Paniolo Hale. 

Upon returning home, we longed to be back on Molokai. Ginnie and I had been contemplating getting a vacation/rental property and decided to take a leap and get a place at Paniolo Hale. 

Thus…welcome to Paniolo Hale C3!

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