Halawa Valley (pronounced Ha-la-vuh)

The Halawa Valley is located on the east end of Molokai and is made up mostly of private land. Greg Solatorio and his family live on the land and provide a guided cultural hiking tour. It’s a moderate level hike…not too steep, but there are rocks and you will have to cross a stream twice, which is about knee deep. Greg and his father start off the tour by teaching you the culture of their people. From asking permission to cross over to private lands, to their farming practices and so on. The entire experience is something you will always remember. If you are able to go on a moderate hike, this is a must-do. 

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The North Shore (the back side)

The north shore of Molokai boasts the highest sea cliffs in the entire world, and are only visible by boat or by air. Walter Naki is one of the island’s best-known north shore tour guides. To book this trip, you will need to call Walter at (808) 598-8203. Just understand that to board the boat, you will have to wade in up to chest-deep water and climb up the boat ladder…but the views are worth it! Pictured here are the majestic Papalaua Falls. 

Kalaupapa Leprosy Settlement & National Historic Park


The Kalaupapa peninsula was chosen in 1865 as the place to isolate people with, what was at that time, an incurable illness. It was deemed a National Park in 1980 in order to preserve the two leper colonies which operated from 1866 to 1969, and had over 8,500 residents over the decades.